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LGND +70%
LGND was a solid 'Rocket Stock' with a multi-month consolidation. What started out as a lagging name ultimately took off in the back half of '17 and early '18 for a nearly 70% gain.
IBKR +80%
IBKR was a classic 'Rocket Stock' with a fantastic technical setup. The stock had consolidated nicely for 2+ years. It hit Fusion Point's fundamental and technical radar right before the breakout and 80% gain. 
BLK +45%
BLK was showing significant weakness on a relative strength basis but as a 'Cash King' name coupled with an incredible weekly chart, we knew it was time to get long. A solid 45% move from this well known name.
ABMD +200%
ABMD was left behind by almost the entire market. See the video for details as our entry price was in the low 100's due to a technical breakout coupled with solid fundamental catalysts.
VRSN +50%
VRSN took its time to start moving but this classic 'Rocket Stock' had higher prices written all over it. A clean 50% per the following year as price rarely dipped. 
FIZZ +150%
FIZZ at one point was the largest returning names at Fusion Point. The stock quietly broke out at the 52 range and never looked back, screaming to nearly 150.  See the video for the original entry. 
COLM +30%
(members only)
COLM was a great name for longer term position traders and investors. With significant fundamentals and overall advantages, it was just a matter of time before price headed higher. 
CF +80% 
(members only)
CF was a classic reversal trade. See the entry in the mid 25's where members were alerted to the rising opportunity. Reversal strategies are some of the biggest returning names over the course of 1-2 years.
LYB +30%
(members only)
LYB was a perfect combination of price and value. Trading at barely 10X's forward earnings, the chart setup perfectly. 
VEEV +100%
(members only)
VEEV was perhaps one of the easiest and most profitable trades of 2017. See the video for details on how easy this setup. Fusion Strategies are easily listed and members are alerted ahead of time of big movers. 
ABBV +100%
ABBV was a 'Four Star' stock with a quiet base pattern that the market simply didn't see. This combination of major fundamentals with a unique technical approach got members in the stock in the 60's, well before price doubled. 
CW +55%
(members only) 
CW was another major moving 'Rocket Stock'. As the company had slowly improved operations, it made the overall lists and setup very nicely. The stock immediately ramped for over 55% and even upped guidance in the following few quarters. 
Small Call to Action Headline
ILMN +25%
ILMN built a large base while most of the sector was consolidating. Price steadily moved out and eventually ran for over 25%.
FII +35%
(members only)
FII was a unique technical setup in that it was in a more base formation. The real driver here was the fundamentals as this was another Rocket Stock setup. The sharp move started almost immediately and ran over 35%.
PLNT +80% 
(members only)
PLNT had everything, from Rocket Stock dynamics to a perfect chart. Price ended up almost doubling. 
ASML +33%
ASML was a clean chart setup and easy find off the 'Four Star' list. The stock flagged for a few days and then never looked back.
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Have a Question?
Is there a trial period?
Unfortunately there is no trial period available. This is because of the depth of research available inside the members area as well as the archive of past strategy and videos. Members immediately have access to the most updated scans, the quick list, and the video archives for both Fusion Macro and Fusion Micro. 

Is Fusion Macro or Fusion Micro better for me?
Both are important. Although some members trade only macro markets (gold, oil, major indexes, ETF's, and currencies) and others single stocks  (Four Star Stocks, Rocket Stocks, Reversal Plays) both are important long run. If you trade only macro markets, Fusion Macro charts and videos provide a good set of ideas and outlooks to focus on. For single stock traders Fusion Micro is a dedicated service to the scan lists with videos solely looking at the stock opportunities that are out there.  

Is this a trading platform or do you tell me what to buy/sell?
Both. Fusion Trading operates as both an advisory service with trade ideas, single stock selections, timing concerns, plus an independent research platform. Members have access to all the charts and strategy lists making it ideal for doing your own research. Professional portfolio managers and individual investors are able to start from the best parts of the single stock universe saving tremendous time. Shorter term traders can tailor any list by additional criteria turning Fusion Scans into trading setups with a few simple clicks. The members area includes how to tutorials for those who want to maximize the platform. 

What time frames are you trading
Fusion Trading is focused primarily on swings and position trading. It is NOT a day trading or super short term service. Experienced traders will be able to apply a variety of trading vehicles from intermediate to long term options as well as outright stock purchases. For those looking to trade shorter term time frames the strategy lists in Fusion Micro are an excellent place to easily search for technical setups with the assurances of detailed fundamental analysis backing the trade. 

How do you manage risk?
The number one way to manage risk is through portfolio construction, position size, non-correlated strategy exposures, and then risk management across each position. You have to be able to own positions for months to truly outperform, and to do this you must have an overall framework. All members have access to a few videos on how to properly structure an aggressive yet smart fund. Further tailoring can be done utilizing customers consultations (all members receive 3, 1 hour consultations). Regardless of individuals portfolio construction, position sizes, or capital amounts, members will see risk levels across trades with which to manage entries and exits. 

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