Arun S. Chopra CFA CMT MBA
Founder and Chief Market Technician

Arun is the founder of Fusion Point Capital, a market guidance and active investing platform. Private clients include tactical portfolio managers, independent advisors, and HNW investors managing a combined AUM of over 350M. Fusion Point capitalizes on the intersection of fundamental analysis, technical price action, and behavioral finance.

Outside of Finance, Arun is passionate about independent film, having associate produced two feature films, Punching at the Sun (Sundance ‘06, Best Picture SF Asian American Film Festival ‘06), and Chee and T (Best Comedy LA International Film Festival ‘16). Chee and T was sold to Comedy Dynamics in 2017.

He has earned both the CFA and CMT charters, with a MBA from NYU's Stern School of Business. His undergraduate education includes a study abroad program in micro and macro economics at Oxford University. Arun counts his influences as many, with key focuses on Richard Russel, Louis Yamada, Stan Weinstein, Tom Mclellan, Aswath Damodaran, John Murphy, and Jim Puplava, among many others.

Arun splits his time between Palo Alto, Ca and NYC.

Asset Management

In addition to Fusion Point, Arun provides fee based asset management services for select clients. He also represents select third party portfolio managers. Account minimums for tactical portfolio's start at 100K, for asset management 500K. For any inquiries please send an email to

Fusion Point Capital, LLC
Palo Alto, California
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